Nothing like the thrill of getting a new camera, especially one that you hope might fill your wants / needs ... at least until the next latest / greatest comes along ...  heheh.   Has been over a year since I owned a 5D so I was really happy to see the 5DMKII arrive Dec 5.  First general impressions Ö the huge viewfinder is really sweet, bigger than my 1DMKIII.  Body feels more solid than my previous 5D / X0D bodies with the controls having a more silky / precise feeling.  Is the MKII body wider than my the MKI?  Not sure but seems like it might be Ö charged / installed battery (newer style, not backward compatible) and went through the menu to change the default settings.  Menu options are similar to recent Canon offerings but noticed the following.  Peripheral illumination correction as a menu item. Dust Delete Data as a menu item.   LCD brightness has an Auto setting. Live View / Movie function settings new with option for 640X480 movies which is good so it doesnít kill my computer Athlon XP 3000 cpu 1.25 gigs of ram and older video card.  Firmware 1.0.6.  Auto ISO only goes to 3200 even if you enable ISO expansion.  By the time I got the battery charged it was dark outside but even inside in low light the focus is fast and seems to be very accurate with the 24-105 kit lens.  Very close to parfocal but 24mm consistently focuses a little closer than 105mm.  Nice to be back to full frame where 24mm is very wide, not sure if Iíll need wider for landscape shots or not.  Kit lens has a sweet range and typical superb L build quality.  Unfortunately I wasn't feeling well so only got to take a few shots of a new knife and a couple during a short drive.

Microtech Makora Black Satin Ti Hardware DA OTF

2007 Porsche Cayman S


For those of you who say the same pics could have been taken with a P&S, there is some merit to that statement, but print the full size 21 megapixel files at 20X30 and you will see the difference.  Will post some sample 6400 ISO shots that you won't touch with lesser cameras.  And no, it's not a sports camera, for that I use a 1DMKIII.  If you would like to pixel peep the full size Porsche shot, click here for the full size 21 MB jpg straight from DPP with no post processing and click here for the full size Raw .CR2 file.

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