Rocky Mountain National Park.  Images 2012 John Ferguson and may not be reused without prior authorization. E-mail inquiries

Bear Lake ... not a breath of wind ... waited for the greenback cutthroat ripples to stop ... aspen near peak color


Albino wild turkey on the road back from Bear Lake

Rocky Mountain Big Horn Sheep grazing by Trail Ridge Road

opps ... didn't mean to draw his attention ...

head down, pawing, telling me time to move away ...

adios my well-fed friends ... thanks for posing!

small brookie from Sprague Lake

calling all girls!  beautiful coat, green on front tines is from his rub, broken tine on far side

breaking brush to show off his new horns when a rival bugling in the distance diverted his attention

now he's trying to decide if I'm a threat to his harem ... those sharp spikes made me glad he decided I wasn't

equally matched

had a big harem and bugled about it proudly

baby moose at grand lake

mamma moose

cool water

top o' the rockies