Photos taken August 18, 2007 at Wiley Post Airport.  Was overcast so unfortunately no nice blue sky.  The B17 was scheduled to fly today but due to some prop adjustments / rain did not fly while I was there.  Click any thumbnail to see a larger version, click your browser's back button to return to this page. The larger pictures have been reduced in size and compressed for web viewing, the originals have over 20 times more detail.  These proofs are 100% unretouched.  The original photos will print much better than these small proofs, strongly recommend not trying to print these small versions as the results won't be near as good as originals.


Various shots of the Liberty Bell.  Note the oil spray pattern on the maintenance tech.


This first gentleman was a WWII Navy vet.  The sound of the Marine internal combustion engine brought a big smile to his face.

What plane does this engine fit in?


This gentleman was a WWII B-17 Turret Gunner.  His son had a magazine article that listed his 50+ missions.

B17's driver seat.

This gentleman was a WWII bombardier.  He was shot down over Russia and had to make his way back to England.  If it wasn't for folks like him and the Turret Gunner above, millions more would be dead and millions more would be speaking a different language than we speak now.

Soviet trainer.


A nice DC3 was also on hand.

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