Photos taken November 17, 2007 during Paradise Helicopter tour of Oahu, Hawaii.  Photographic equipment used was a Canon 1DMKIII body and Canon 24-105L lens.  Raw files were converted in PSCS3 using ACR and have been reduced in size and compressed for web viewing, the originals have 20 times more detail.  EXIF data left intact if you are interested in seeing my settings.  All photos are copyright 2007 John Ferguson and may not be used for any purpose without my written permission.  Shoot me an E-mail if you have questions.

Here we are getting ready to be strapped in.  I got to ride on this side in the co-pilots seat and my wife rode on this side in the back next to the window facing forward.  There was one other couple on board who rode in the back, opposite side.  This was an "open door" tour, so you see the helicopter in the configuration we flew in.  Having the doors off was thrilling but felt very safe.

Goat Island (clothing optional)

The next four photos are Sacred Falls.  The only way to get to it now is by air.

Chinaman's Hat

The "Pods" coral reefs and a sand bar

Gilligan's Island film location

Stairway to Heaven (illegal to climb, not maintained)

Stairway to Heaven Rest Stop

Sun cutting through the clouds during the trip through the valley to Pearl Harbor

When we got to Pearl Harbor, it was overcast and the flying shots didn't turn out very well.  Coming back across the island we saw coffee and pineapple plantations.  Here is the Dole Pineapple farm's maze, they claim it to be the world's largest.  Got my best cup of coffee the entire trip there.

A few down the beach shots

Returning to Turtle Bay

Was a great trip, highly recommended!

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